April 24, 2014

Thursday Fun

Mom saw this on Facebook and decided she should find out what Careers we should all have.  Really Mom?  Like being your snoopervisor isn't hard enough?   Here's what she got:


What Career Should Your Cat Actually Have?

  1. You got: My cat should be a therapist

    Your cat takes such good care of you that you don’t even need a real doctor anymore. Your cat’s first priority is your well-being but think of all the people they could help if they were a real M.D.!


What Career Should Your Cat Actually Have?

  1. You got: My cat should be a textile artist

All this time you’ve thought your cat’s fascination with paper bags, boxes, and string was just a random and inexplicable obsession, but IT’S ART, STUPID. Submit your cat’s latest to your local galleries and they’ll be blown away!


What Career Should Your Cat Actually Have?

  1. You got: My cat should be internet famous

    Your cat could be the next Lil Bub — what are you waiting for? He or she has obviously spent their entire life waiting for the spotlight to shine on them.

Want to find out what job YOU should have?  Click HERE to take the quiz.  Purrsonally, we'll stick with napping and snoopervising!!

April 23, 2014

Wordy Wednesday

About a month ago we were approached by Psychic Source and asked if we would like to have a reading
with one of their Pet Psychics.  We've read other blogs like Glogirly's and The Island Cats (click on the links to read their posts about their own Psychic readings).  We thought it would be an interesting thing to do so we said YES!

The first thing we had to do was send photos of us.  We sent these three:




We wanted to send current photos but didn't have a good one of Ellie's face so we also sent this one of Ellie..

Our reading was with Nancy.

Nancy was a very pleasant sounding lady. You could almost feel the warmth and smiles coming through the phone.  Click HERE to read more about her.  She seems to have a real love for animals and it's pretty amazing that she can "read" us from our pictures.  Soooooooooooooooooooooo.......you probably want to know what she had to say about us!  Well, Mom took a lot of notes so here's what she had to say.

Nancy started with Raz...

Just as Nancy started, Raz came in and sat on the table and watched....almost like he was listening.
Nancy said Raz is a happy boy and is Top Cat.  He's very adventurous and is always looking for something to do.  He's a very acctive cat and feels very positive about living here.  He's easy to get along with.  He really wants to be the #1 loved cat and will work hard for attention.  He loves Mom and she makes him feel loved.  Mom asked about something Raz does at night - he climbs onto her chest, puts his paws around her neck and makes biscuits until he falls alseep there.  He never does it any other time, only when we're all asleep.  Nancy said that those "hugs" come from when he was young.  He couldn't get to his Mom enough and only got to be close to her when his siblings were asleep.  He needs lots of extra love, is likeable, lovable and very agreeable.

Allie was next.  Nancy said she was mesmerized by Allie's eyes.  Allie knows she's a beauty and carries herself like that.  Allie is very loving and caring and a sweetheart of a gal. She's very close to Mom but is equally happy with anyone who gives her love. Allie tries very hard to please Mom.  She has very light sensitive eyes and is in overall good health.  Mom asked her about the "Machine Paw" thing Allie does at night or when Dad takes a nap.  She goes to a door or anything and vertical scratches like crazy!  Nancy said Allie does that for attention (oh boy does she get attention when she wakes Mom and Dad up at 3am!) and that part of the reason she does is is to relieve anxiety.  She does it for comfort and acknowledgement that  she's not alone. Nancy said Allie has a fear of being alone.

Next was Ellie.  She said Ellie is a loner and wants attention on her own terms (Mom says this is VERY true)  She also wants to be #1 but won't fight for it.  She doesn't need the reassurances that Raz and Allie do.  Ellie wants to come across as self confident and what Ellie wants, Ellie gets.  She's also healthy.  Ellie's self confidence comes from the fact that Nancy believes she was born first and has been that way all her life.  She doesn't need to seek out confidence, it comes from within.  Ellie doesn't need to be loved constantly.  The others will give her whatever she wants and look at her as the oldest and look up to her.  She's a bit more domineering that Raz and Allie.

She asked if we had any questions.  Mom wanted to know about our relationship with each other and she said we all get along and are happy.  Mom asked if we have special bonds and Nancy said Raz is super close to Mom.  Allie is drawn to both Mom and Dad but a bit closer to Mom. Ellie loves both equally. Mom asked about Raz's life before he came to us.  Nancy said she felt like Raz was taken care of by a family who had children.  They had to move and couldn't take him but he was well cared for.  Mom says the shelter told her that he and his siblings were found in a trailer park and were taken care of by people who couldln't care for them.

She then asked if there was another animal in the house.  Since our blog is primarily a cat blog, Mom didn't send any pics of Cubby but she sensed he was here.  She said Cubby has a spiritual connection with Clifford still and that there is a lot of love between him.  Since Clifford's passing, Cubby doesn't fear death and all anxiety has been taken away.  She said there were a few weeks of saddness and adjustment but he's doing well now.  She said there is someone with the initials JB who is watching over him from heaven.  Nancy thought it was a woman who was in her 20s when she passed.

We were on the phone with Nancy for 45 minutes and it flew by.  Mom says Nancy really picked up on all of our purrsonalities.  The info about Raz's early life isn't quite what the shelter told us but very close.  All in all we really enjoyed our session with Nancy.  Mom says she understands us a bit more and Nancy confirmed some things that Mom thought were true about us.

We hope you enjoyed reading about our session with Nancy.  We know some friends have used psychics to find lost pets and have had great success.
If you would like to learn more about Pet Psychics you can click   HERE.or you can get a phone reading by clicking  HERE.

We were not compensated for the reading but we did receive the reading free of charge for our review.  That had no bearing on how we felt about the reading.

April 22, 2014

Earth Day 2014!

Today is EARTH DAY!   In the spirit of Earth Day we're recycling this post from 2009!  Since that date, Mom has gotten really good about using her reusable bags every time she goes to the store.  She's even gotten more bags than these pink ones!  We have single stream recycling and we recycle a LOT more now that it can all go into one can.

Thanks to Ann of Zoolatry for this pawsome graphic.

Allie says that reusable shopping bags help keep the Earth clean!

And they make a good place to take a nap!!

April 21, 2014

ManCat Monday....our Easter Baskets!

We woke up Easter Sunday and saw this............

The Bunny came!  One of those baskets was for us....the other was for our Daddy.

Raz Checked ours out right away.......

Ellie and Allie wanted to see too.......

Wow.....look at all this good stuff....Temptations, Party Mix, Appetizers and some great chewy ears for Cubby.

Even silly Daddy got a basket full of goodies....

He liked his stuff but Ellie and Raz agree that OUR treats are much nicer!

We hope you all had a pawsome Easter.....there would have been photos of Cubby but all you would have seen was a big blurrr!!!!!

April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all of our friends.  At Cat Scouts we do Service projects.  For Easter we sent out cards to a school for Downs Syndrome kids.  We're sharing our card with you here today.  We hope the Bunny filled your basket with lots of treats!!

April 19, 2014

Photo Hunters INDIGO and Caturday Cat Art Blog Hop

This week's Photo Hunters theme is INDIGO.

Ellie thinks Mom has way too many eyeliners in INDIGO.....

Hey....these are whappable!

This is FUN!!!

Today is also Athena's Caturday Cat Art Blog Hop.

Mom used Photoshop to take out all of the color in this photo of Ellie except for the INDIGO.

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April 18, 2014

Flashback Friday

It's Flashback Friday and it's Easter so that means one thing.....we're sharing this sweet video of  Angel Sniffie and the Easter Bunny.  We hope you enjoy it

If you can't see the video, click HERE to watch it on YouTube.

April 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday Easter style

We don't usually do Throwback Thursday but this post with Angels Sniffie and Tamir always makes us smile.  We hope you enjoy seeing it again.

I heard that this fellow was going to be making a visit on Sunday. Effurycat knows that the Easter Bunny means TREATS! I figured I would snuggle up to him to make sure I got my share when...

THIS happened. Mom snuck up on me and the next thing I knew I was a BUNNY!!

Ut oh.....it gets worse now.....

Sniffie loves to clean ears!!!

I was so upset I couldn't sleep. Well.....maybe I could....

April 15, 2014

Troublin' Tuesday

Hi everyone, Allie here.

I was taking a short snooze on the sofa when these guys showed up....

then this one with the floppy ears came by...

and this other gray guy...

oh no....here's another one...

and a lambie.......Hey Floppy Ears....you guys multiply like...um......oh never mind.....